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Duchamp Marcel, Portfolio. Suite d'ombres transparents

Lot 710

Duchamp Marcel, 1887-1968 (F)

Portfolio. Suite d'ombres transparents, 1967

Special edition. 16 silkscreens in white on acetate foil and book "Le Château de la Pureté" with texts by Octavio Paz and 16 bound silkscreens printed in colors by Marcel Duchamp.
Each H 240 mm W 180 mm.

CHF8'000 / 12'000
EUR7'000 / 11'000
USD8'000 / 12'000

Hammer Price: CHF 8'000

In the imprint of the book signed by both artists: Marcel Duchamp, Octavio Paz. Handwritten numbering: 13/100. Total edition: 606 copies.
Paris, Éditions Claude Givaudan, 1967.
In cardboard slipcase. In linen cassette.

Literature: Schwarz 641.

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