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Peter Shelton, bigfeet from "floatinghouseDEADMAN"

Lot 67

Peter Shelton, 1951 (US)

bigfeet from "floatinghouseDEADMAN", 1985-1990

Cast iron with rust patina.

H 406 mm W 457 mm D 559 mm.

*CHF5'000 / 8'000
*EUR4'600 / 7'300
*USD5'400 / 8'600

Louver Gallery, New York;
Ruth Kaufmann, New York;
Thomas Ammann Fine Art AG, Zurich;
Private Collection;
Swiss Property.

Touring exhibition: Amherst, University Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts, 1. February - 16. March 1986;
Los Angeles, Wight Art Gallery, University of California, 3. February - 8. March 1987;
Indianapolis, Herron Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art, 18. March - 29. April 1989;
New York, Louver Gallery, 6. January - 3. February 1990.

Exhibition catalogue. Louver Gallery. Peter Shelton. floatinghouseDEADMAN. New York 1990. No. 32,
illustration No. 2 and No. 32.


"Things that are heavy should be down around your feet [...] Concepts that are thought to have no physical weight can achieve major mass. Space that is thought to surround becomes a stone at your feet."
Interview with Peter Shelton, Los Angeles 1985.

We would like to thank Peter Shelton and Angela Hanka and also Jess Pillar and Kimberly Davis of the L.A. Louver Gallery, Venice CA and also former Louver Gallery, New York, for their kind assistance cataloguing the artwork.

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