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Saturday, 02 December 2017, 02:00 pm

Otto Morach, A. Welti-Furrer AG, Taxameter Telef.11.11. Selnau

Lot 2228

Otto Morach, 1887-1973 (CH)

A. Welti-Furrer AG, Taxameter Telef.11.11. Selnau, 1923

Lithograph printed in colors.
H 1280 mm W 905 mm.

"Wolfsberg" Zürich

CHF6'000 / 10'000
EUR5'400 / 9'000
USD6'300 / 11'000

Hammer Price: CHF 6'000


Condition: B/J.

Weill 1984. Page 247, No. 433;
Schaller 1983. Page 84, No. 199.

In 1923 Otto Morach designed another Art Deco poster for the Welti-Furrer taxi company. The visual rendering of the commercial message is singularly effective. Morach successfully accomplished the task of combining Zurich’s Grossmünster, the bridges, the black taxis and the telephone number 11.11 into a harmonious whole. Rare.