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Portfolio, Souvenirs et portraits d'artistes

Lot 723


Souvenirs et portraits d'artistes, 1972

With original graphics by A. Baudin, G. Braque, M. Brianchon, W. Buffet, M. Chagall, J. Cocteau, P. Delvaux, A. Derain, M. Estève, Apelles Fenosa, A. Giacometti, P. Guiramand, P. Jenkins, Ch. Lapicque, A. Manessier, A. Masson, H. Matisse, A. Minaux, J. Miró, P. Picasso, G. Sutherland, K. Terechkovitch, V. Vasarely, J. Villon, P. Wunderlich.

Each double sheet: H 320 mm W 500 mm.

CHF300 / 500
EUR270 / 450
USD300 / 500

Hammer Price: CHF 1'200

In the colophon typographically numbered: 706.
Total edition: 800 copies.
Paris, Alain A.C. Mazo, 1972.
Loose double sheets. In cardboard cover, in linen cassette.

Literature: (Chagall) Cramer 90; (Masson) Saphire/Cramer 91; (Miró) Cramer 156; (Picasso) Cramer 153.