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Zeitschrift Parkett, Kunstzeitschrift/Art Magazine. No. 1-101 in 98 Volumes. With numerous illustrations

Lot 622

Zeitschrift Parkett (CH)

Kunstzeitschrift/Art Magazine. No. 1-101 in 98 Volumes. With numerous illustrations, 1984-2017

Parkett Verlag AG, Zürich 1984-2017. 4°. Illustrated original cardboard packages.

CHF2'000 / 3'000
EUR2'000 / 3'000
USD2'200 / 3'300

Hammer Price: CHF 2'200


Complete series of the renowned Swiss Art Magazine for Contemporary Art. - Numbers 40/41, 50/51 and 100/101 are double numbers in one issue. With the sought-after number 2 with the 27-part (5.5 m long) leporello "Desastres und bare Wunder" on spider web paper by Sigmar Polke: "The template for the offset print of the leporello was created on 11/12 May 1984 in Cologne, as a five-fold enlarged strip copy of a film. Polke developed this film back in 1982 and used raspberry spirit, coffee, Pril (a dish detergent common in West Germany) and other tricks that only the artist knows. Among other things, the film captures footage from an open book about Francisco Goya as well as parts of a patterned house wall." (Bice Curiger).

With it:
Varadinis, Mirjam (Ed.). Parkett - 20 Years of Artists's Collaborations. Zurich, 2004. Original cardboard packaging with original wrapper.
Noever, Peter (Ed.). Silent & Violent und ausgewählte Künstler-Editionen. Ostfildern 1995. Illustrated original cardboard packaging.