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Lot 618 / Portfolios and Books (A - Z)June 05, 2018 18:00

Lot 618


Artists & Photographs, 1970

Artist edition with 18 works , 6 with artists' publications, 3 multiples, 8 artist's books, one poster and exhibition catalogue, text by L. Alloway;
multiple by R. Rauschenberg is missing.

*CHF1'500 / 2'000
*EUR1'300 / 1'700
*USD1'600 / 2'200

Hammer Price: CHF 1'200

With works by:
M. Bochner: Misunderstandings (A Theory of Photography);
Christo: Packed Tower, Spoleto;
J. Dibbets: Perspective Correction, 5 Piles;
T. Gormley: Red File Cabinet;
D. Graham: Two Parallel Essays;
D. Huebler: Location Piece 2, New York & Seattle;
A. Kaprow: Pose, March 22, 1969/70;
M. Kirby: Pont Neuf: the Localization of a Tetrahedron in Space;
J. Kosuth: Notebook on Water;
S. Lewitt: Schematic Drawing for Muybridge II, 1964;
R. Long: Rain Dance;
R. Morris: Continuous Project Altered Daily;
W. Nauman: Laair;
D. Oppenheim: Flower Arangement for Bruce Naumann;
E. Ruscha: Babycakes with Weights;
R. Smithson: Torn Photograph from the 2nd Stop (Rubble);
W. Venet: Exploited Subjects; A. Warhol: Portraits.

Different sizes.
Total edition: 1200 copies.
New York, Multiples Inc. and Colorcraft Inc., 1970.
In lithographed original cardboard box.
H 337 mm W 337 mm D 94 mm.
Box with handling creases.

Collection Heuschen-Schümer, Belgium.