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Equipo 57, V. 15

Lot 801

Equipo 57 (ES)

V. 15, 1964

Lichtobjekt. Neonröhre, Glas und bemaltes Holz in Aluminiumkasten.
H 293 mm B 350 mm T 90 mm.

Verso auf Galerie-Etikett bezeichnet: Equipo 57, 1964, V. 15.

CHF1'000 / 1'500
EUR1'000 / 1'500
USD1'000 / 1'500

Hammerpreis: CHF 1'100

Galerie Suzanne Bollag (verso mit Etikett);
Sammlung Carl Laszlo, Basel;
Schweizer Privatsammlung.

Informationen über den Künstler

Equipo 57 was a collective of Spanish avant-garde artists and architects, some Basque, some with strong ties to Buenos Aires, which formed in Paris in 1957. They issued a manifesto which attempted to define their work, mostly by oppostion to lingering vestiges of subjectivity and emotional content in modern art; but they also dismissed any connections to goemetric abstract art even though their work clearly resembles it and has been associated with it in most historical surveys.
Whatever the real philosophy of this group was, it rapidly lost cohesion as members defected; it was 'formally' dissolved by 1961. Its legacy is an interesting group of geometric abstract paintings and sculptures, ineluctably connected to work created by other artists in Paris and elsewhere during this period.